GPC Group, Inc. is focused on helping churches overcome the everyday problems that occur with keeping the books of the church. We are familiar with the challenges of volunteer workers not having the experience necessary for the bookkeeping process. We are also familiar with the efforts of employees that do not have an understanding of bookkeeping and accounting procedures and we have corrected these problems for many churches.

In our 25 years we have unfortunately encountered situations where a CPA firm set up the books for a church and they were not what the church needed to manage their finances. We have restructured the chart of accounts, restructured the financial statements and gave the church management what it wanted and needed to manage the finances of the church.

How do you know how the church is doing financially? How do you know whether or not you are operating in the black? GPC can answer those questions for you and many more.

It is a known fact that outsourcing bookkeeping to an outside service instantly saves the church money verses hiring an in-house employee.  You save taxes, overhead and even possible employee headaches.